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Singles Learning to Say No

One thing that you might have discovered as a single is that others around you have the perception that they either need to hook you up with someone from Backpage site else or they need to keep you busy. As a single from Backpage site, I got more invitations to holiday events, other people’s family gatherings and shopping trips than I could have ever imagined. I constantly had to juggle my calendar to be able to go to everything. It really became a chore. I dreaded opening email or answering the phone because I knew it would be someone needing me or wanting to invite me to yet another activity.

Learning to say “no” will really help you as a single. You hear about setting boundaries and saying “no” to certain things that are against your beliefs on dates. But how often do you hear that you’re supposed to say “no” to relatives and friends that are just trying to include you in on things and activities?

There is the inherent fear of suddenly being alone. If you turn someone down for an invitation one time, will they invite you again later when your schedule isn’t as hectic? Don’t be afraid to say “no” or to be alone. If you tell the person inviting you that you already have plans but would love to go shopping another time or really enjoy coming to dinner another night, more than likely they are going to invite you again. You won’t be stuck alone and you won’t be stuck trying to go to a million activities in one week or one month.

Be honest with relatives and Backpage friends. Tell them that you’re really not comfortable going to their niece’s birthday party since you haven’t even met the niece before. Suggest that you go to something else with them at another time or that the two of you get together for breakfast or lunch one Saturday. This will reduce the number of invitations to events you’re not comfortable going to without offending anyone.

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Tips for Online Dating Success

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There are many online dating sites and Backpage sites that meeting people in your area can become competitive, but don’t allow yourself to become discouraged. With patience, it is possible to find someone that is right for you.

Create a unique profile. Choose a user name that reflects who you are. Be positive in your wording and show you have something wonderful to offer. Talking about your ex who broke your heart isn’t impressive. It shows you have loose ends to tie up. A sense of humor is a plus. Post pictures that show the real you and change them from time to time. This helps to attract a wider variety of people.

When corresponding, have something to say. A simple “hello” is too common and doesn’t set you apart from the rest. Mention something you like about the person’s profile. This allows them to know you’ve read the profile and not just looked at a picture. It makes them feel you’ve already made an effort in getting to know the person they are.

Broaden your options. Don’t just choose a couple of people to correspond with initially. Send messages to several people from Backpage site who peak your interest. This increases your chance of receiving more responses.

Allow a reasonable amount of time for a reply. Some people on dating sites receive numerous correspondence. This doesn’t mean you don’t have a chance, but they need some time to weed through everything.

Be casual, but interesting. Don’t talk about sex, finances or anything that is too personal. Those are topics left for when you’ve gotten to know someone well.

Don’t offer a phone number right away. This makes you look desperate.

Always be truthful. You can be anyone you want online, but if you meet someone in person, the lies will eventually come out. Lies set you up for failure.

Be truthful, be patient and your online dating experience can be successful!

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