Online Dating gives rise to interracial dating

First off let me say I love interracial dating. We are all the same underneath. Some of the most attractive women are Latina, Caribbean. They are beautiful. I hope we all date and pro-create to the point where we have the same skin color and can’t tell each others heritage apart. That would be great, and would pretty much obviate and eradicate racism. It’s hard to hate someone when you also look like them. If we are all the same it’s easier to love ourselves, the people around you, because we see semblance in that person. I’m a big fan of interracial dating. Blacks with whites, whites with Latinas, Europeans with Mexicans, black with Asians, Asians with aliens, etc. Who cares? Hell it doesn’t matter. I’m an avid supporter of interracial dating, mixed couples, whatever you want to call it.

The Internet and Online Dating is the reason for the rise of interracial dating

The nascent rise of interracial dating has been van guarded by online dating. Absolutely. Men, especially white men, traditionally would not approach a black girl on the street or in public. White guys are typically more cautious, laid back, and in their head about what women think of them. A Caucasian man might see a hot black girl at a bar or something, but talk himself out of approaching her because Anderson Cooper comes on in 30 minutes.They have to get home. Black and Spanish men lifting weights on the corner do not even know who Anderson Cooper is, but they hope he buys their new mix tape. In New York City I’ve seen black and Spanish men sing to women on the street, saw a black man with bags of groceries chase a woman down many blocks (he had ice cream too), and one time I saw a Spanish guy jump the subway tracks to get to the other side in effort to talk to a girl. When he reached the other side she wasn’t interested, so he nonchalantly came back across the tracks like none of it even happened. He wasn’t embarrassed at all. Actually the contrary as he immediately began hitting on a pretty Latina on his side of the tracks. She wanted nothing to do with him. He got dissed on both sides of the tracks. I did you not, kids.

White guys don’t act like that. We have too much pride (it gets in the way fellas, drop it). A white guy might see an attractive ethnic woman of some race and get the balls to say “Hi ma’am, how are you doing today? You look lovely on your way into work this fine morning.”, but that’s it. Otherwise he’s on his way to work. White guys are too busy thinking of getting coffee to talk to a sister on the street. Black guys don’t care. A black man could be on fire, burning to death, and would still talk to a woman on the street before he jumped in a pond, “Hey I know I’m on fire and shit, but damn baby you is looking good. Hope you like me extra crispy? Let me get this fire off my body and then we gonna get this relationship crackin.”.

Now with the Internet the game has changed. Yes sir. That once shy and cowardly white guy can sit behind a computer and email every race known to man. It requires no courage, just sitting back emailing all the Latina mamas he wants. He can email some big booty black chicks, because it takes no balls to do so. Black women have never been opposed to dating white men (for the most part) so when they get an email from a cute chalky boy they are like “He’s cute. I’ll definitely go out with him”, but on the street that would have never happen because the white guy would be too busy thinking about TED talks or buying books off to notice the sister. White guys don’t make the moves in person. So Caucasian guys if you want to date a black girl or curvy Spanish chick, get online. Send some emails. Talk about how you love piñatas and Fubu, whatever it takes. (I know some of this is stereotypical, but that’s part of the absurdity).

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